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Entry #1

Fruity Loops, the demo.. and my music.

2008-03-10 01:17:44 by LegendaryOutlaw

So I downloaded fruity loops few days ago, started making some beats, then I noticed I can't save! (I'm too poor to buy the real version). The point is... That all my music I submit here will probably be made in less than two hours. Other than that, I hope you enjoy!


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2008-03-10 01:20:42

what you can do is export the midi files and import them later. it will save the compositions, you will just have to reload the generators into the individual channels manually as well s the FX.

LegendaryOutlaw responds:

I see, thanks for the tip!


2008-03-10 01:21:13

oh, and hello fellow desert dweller ;)

LegendaryOutlaw responds:

Hello Hello!